Referral Policy

  1. All referrals to the Company must be either by a General Practitioner, consultant, healthcare professional, social worker or appropriate family member. Self-referrals may also be made.
  2. Authority to refer. In cases other than self-referrals evidence must be provided of authority to provide instructions on behalf of the person being referred (the Client). In the case of a minor Client the consent of a parent/guardian is required. In the case of a Client lacking capacity, provision of documentation including for example, but without limitation, a power of attorney should be supplied.
  3. Referrals may initially be made either in writing or verbally, though in the case of a verbal referral this must be followed up by written confirmation.
  4. Medical records. The Client's relevant medical history must be supplied prior to any initial meeting with the Client. If the Company is not provided with full relevant medical history or reasonably suspects that there has not been disclosure of the full relevant medical history then it reserves the right to terminate acting for the Client. The Company cannot be held responsible for any opinions it gives or assessments it undertakes where there has been such a failure to disclose.
  5. The Company must be provided with details of any other professionals involved in the case and details of any advice given or assessments undertaken by any previous speech and language therapists.
  6. Terms & Conditions. The Company's terms and conditions must be signed and returned by or for and on behalf of the Client before an assessment can take place.
  7. Timescale. The Company will respond initially as far as possible within 2 working days of a completed enquiry received through the website. The Company will then aim to arrange a visit to the Client within three working weeks, as far as possible, subject to receipt of the completed terms and conditions, confirmation of authority to provide instructions and receipt of relevant medical information.
  8. The Company operates a triage system and a suitably experienced speech and language therapist will be allocated to the Client.
  9. The referral will be subject to the Company's terms and conditions signed by or on behalf of the Client and the attention of the Client or the person authorised to act on their behalf is drawn in particular to the obligations imposed by clause 4 of the Company's terms and conditions.
  10. The Company will make an assessment as to the most appropriate environment in which to meet the Client and as to which other individuals should be requested to attend an assessment.
  11. The Company will require a medical letter in support of any request for a videofluoroscopy or FEES procedure.